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Kat Burns

Helping people is of great passion and the one thing I knew I always wanted to do in life. Now, how I did that came with my natural abilities of being able to make people feel great about themselves, no matter what was going on in theirs. Whether it be a makeover, a hug, a needed friend or a beauty advisor, if you can walk away feeling good about yourself, I’ve accomplished two things, my goal and most importantly, yours.

Licenses & certifications:
  • Mim's Beauty College 2004
  • Allergan Certified Course Completion in OnabotulinumtoxinA Injection, Botox Cosmetic
  • Master Nurse Injector
  • Certified in CPR
  • Certified (LSO) Laser Safety Officer
  • Professional in Laser hair removal
  • Texas Laser Inst. Certified Professional Injector in
  • Botulinum Botox and Dysport
  • Texas Laser Ints. Certified Professional Injector in
  • Facial Fillers
  • Certified Specialist in IPL
  • Photofacial and Skin Rejuvenation
  • Certified Specialist in Tattoo
  • Removal: Q-Switched Modalities
  • Certified Specialist in UltraShape treatmen
  • Certified Specialist in Etwo Sublative and Sublime treatments